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Programme définitif du Mini-symposium immuno-hématologie 15.05.09
Mini-symposium on immuno-hematology
Friday, May 15, 2009
This short meeting is primarily organized for PhD students, as an activity supported by the « Ecole doctorale d’immunologie/EDIM ».
However, all researchers from all institutions in Belgium who are interested in the topics are warmly encouraged to attend and/or to submit a data slide.
Presentations and discussions will be in english.

13h45 : wellcome
13h50 – 16h10 : platelet and haemostasis immunology (chair : O. Pradier, ULB)
13h50 – 14h10 : introduction : O. Pradier
14h10 – 14h40 : H. Deckmyn (KUL – Kortrijk) : Inhibition of Von Willebrand factor – glycoprotein IB interaction as an effective and safe antithrombotic treatment
14h40 – 15h10 : C. Oury (Ulg) : Contribution of P2X1 ion channels to platelet and neutrophil functions
15h10 – 15h50 : S. Panzer (Medical University, Vienna, Austria) : Clinically driven research on platelet function: from understanding bleeding disorders to the development of anti-platelet reagents
15h50 – 16h00 : short communication :
L. Detalle (UCL) : Initiation and regulation of an autoimmune response in a murine model of post-transfusion purpura
16h00 – 16h30 : break time
16h30 – 18h40 : cell growth and differenciation factors (chair : J.-B. Demoulin, UCL)
16h30 – 16h50 : introduction : J.-B. Demoulin
16h50 – 17h20 : A. Gothot (Ulg) : Alterations
in bone marrow homing of stem/progenitor cells exposed to hematopoietic growth factors
17h20 – 17h50 : S. Constantinescu (UCL) : The JAK-STAT pathway of cytokine receptors in physiologic hematopoiesis and disease
17h50 – 18h20 : B. Robaye (ULB) : P1 and P2Y receptors control the function of dendritic cells
18h20 – 18h40 : short communications
A. Essaghir (UCL) : FOXO regulation by growth factors at the transcriptional level
T. Hornakova (UCL) : Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia-associated JAK1 Mutants Activate the Janus Kinase/STAT Pathway via Interleukin-9 Receptor Homodimers

Attendance is free.
Registration is requested (contact JP Coutelier,
e-mail : jean-paul.coutelier@uclouvain.be), if possible before may, 12
Auditorium Roi Baudouin C
UCL, Brussel campus
Avenue Mounier
1200 Brussels
Metro Alma, bus 42
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